Picture frames

Hand made frames from alder and ash timber to match the different art prints offered here.

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Clip-frame, ash, for postcardsClip-frame, ash, for postcards

Clip-frame, ash, for postcards
Clip-frame, alder, handmade for postcatd art prints, delivery with detail image of The "Representative of Humanity" . Suitable for horizontal and vertical formats.
Outer measurements: 13 x 18 cm.
Interior measurements: 10,5 x 15 cm.


24,00 €

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Picture frame, alder, handmadePicture frame, alder, handmade

Picture frame, alder, handmade
Alder frame, handmade, with art print of The "Representative of Humanity" , general view.
Outer measurements: 35 x 54 cm.
Interior measurements: 26 x 45 cm


119,00 €

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Sixtinische Madonna mit RahmenSixtinische Madonna

Sistine Madonna with alder picture frame
Sistine Madonna by Raffael (32 x 43 cm),
with handmade alder picture frame (41 x 52 cm)


130,00 €



More information about the manufacturing of the picture frames

The frame for The "Representative of Humanity" is cut from vertically bonded alder and is supposed to emphasise the contrast to the sculpture which is carved from horizontally bonded layers of wood.

The frame bars consist of curved surfaces and therefore hint at the formal principle of the statue of Christ.

The wooden frames were developed especially for the art prints of The "Representative of Humanity" in cooperation with Troxler workshops in Wuppertal where they are handmade in a sheltered carpentry.


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